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a chat with the author

Q: Why did you write this book?:

JG: Six years ago I began to reflect on my life successes and failures. I compiled all the “nuggets” the “gems” that I learned and earned since I began to deliberately live my version of the High Performance Life (aka THPL). I started writing them down in my daily blog over five years ago. I started off using myself as a Test Case and used my blog as a reminder for how to think and how to apply the THPL principles to my everyday life.  


Q: You refer to this book as a “hand book” why? What is the difference between a handbook and an ordinary book?

JG: I love the handbook approach. A handbook is a book that comes alive and calls you to action, it’s not just for reading passively.


Q: Do you have to read the book in order and do every single assignment in order to see a change?

JG: No Way! You absolutely don’t have to do everything the book tells you to do, in the order that it suggests. Rather, allow yourself to read the chapters and do the exercises that call to you, in whatever order you feel works good for you. And, of course, I wrote the book so that each chapter and all the exercises within, build upon one another. So, of course, I recommend that you read the book linearly. But, if you’re feeling rebellious and wild and want to flip to a random page, and know that’s your THPL message for the day, that will work too.


Q: What’s the best way to use this book?

JG: Think of the book as a resource you use when you want to be inspired, when you need some advice, when you want to try something new, and when you want to do more and be more than you thought you could. In fact, by reading this now, you are already well on your way.

You absolutely do not need to adopt all of the practices and techniques of THPL to start to live a life that aligns you with a better version of yourself. And, you do not have to dedicate 100% of your time to living at the highest level – rather what you can do, is simply embrace what THPL stands for and then use as much or as little as you want to give you a consistent boost. You can put in more time and effort one year and then less another year. The key is to be purposeful about how you go about living your life, from this moment forward.  If you are too busy – then only use part of the book, and when you want more, do more. Over time you will become a better version of yourself and that is the real point.


Q: Is THPL really for runners?

JG: This book, and THPL in general, is not about running (although, I think runners will be drawn to this book). It is about finding your own unique talent and mission and doing more than you think you can on your own personal journey. A better teacher, artist, salesperson, golfer, store manager, stay-at-home-mom…whoever and whatever and wherever you are The High Performance Life can apply to you.


Q: What can I start doing today to launch living my version of THPL?

JG: To start living your version of THPL, start with something you can control – your mindset. Success breeds success. If you start with a way of thinking that sets you up to do just a little bit more than you think you can, then you’ve effectively set yourself up for success!


Q: What is your dream for this book?

JG: My dream is that everyone who chooses to live their own version of The High Performance Life gets the immense amount of support that I’ve received from my family and friends. Thank you to my wife Anthea and daughters, Julianne and Kimberly. You believed in me at such a level that I was able to do more than I thought I could.


Q: Why are you doing a virtual book launch and what is special about it for the consumer?

JG: One of the best ways to reach our global family is virtually—so instead of limiting my book launch to a local event that only a handful of people could physically attend, I thought I’d open the party to everyone who hungers for this kind of content.

I’ve created, bundled, and packaged over $1,000 worth of high-quality bonus gifts to give to people who buy my book on March 1st (launch day) – video and audio gifts that have been proven to uplift, inspire, and motivate.

Honestly, my big dream is a world of people doing more than they thought they could—and being more than they thought they could—and this book launch is one of the ways I am living my dream!

Thanks for your help! And thank YOU for being and doing more than you thought you could!