I feel that I can accomplish whatever I set out to do because of this book!                                                                                             - Beth Dorsa
Full of sage advice, with insightful perspectives and thoughtful discernment....
    - Anca van Assendelft
In chasing his dreams and running toward his fears, Joe developed a strong framework for all of us to apply to our daily life: Dream It -> Plan It -> Practice It -> Do It. Throughout his book he relates important personal stories, many struggles, from all stages in his life to each element of that framework. And he does it with an impressive aim, hitting the center of the target each and every time.
     - Mike Jones

Sneak peek into living the high performance life

It never occurred to me that I could run—except to avoid the bullies.

I’m an average Joe.  I have no special “DNA”, and I most certainly was NOT a high school track star. My dad was a social worker in the NYC schools and my mom, when she was not taking care of my siblings and I, worked as a third-grade teacher.  My version of high performance back when I was a kid was playing on the swing set in the backyard for as many moments as I could get away with after mom called us kids in for dinner.  
It took decades before I realized a key ingredient to success was simply being willing to do more than the next guy. In other words, the gap between being successful—or not— was in doing more than I thought I could.  

But this experiment did not immediately produce results.  

I’ve had more than my share of setbacks and challenges, modest jobs, ordinary experiences, and outright failures along the way.  My dreams were always big, but the path to achieve them was murky.  

Sound familiar?  

Can you relate?

If so, let me guess: You have a nice life with many aspects working well, and yet, you know there is more out there.  But, how do you get at it?

That is the question.  

I’ve dedicated the writing of my book (that’s now finally available, March 1st, 2018) to answer that question.
In fact, I’ve written the book (Living the High Performance Life) because it’s the book I wish I had during the tough years when I was looking to find ideas, support, guidance and coaching that could’ve helped me. Back then when I was not flush with a network of connected people, a resource like Living the High Performance Life—with its techniques, stories, exercises, out-of-the-box ideas, and examples to give you a boost and help you find your own guidance — would have been a life-changing asset.  
This is why I’m so excited to share this book with you now…so you don’t have to wait one second longer to start Living (your version of) The High Performance Life.
Since I embarked upon this journey, I’ve accomplished things that surprise me. For example, I’ve been a University President, CEO of several successful companies, I speak on stage inspiring thousands of people around the world; I’ve traveled around the world many times over, and since I started running at the ripe old age of 40 (beginning with struggling to complete one mile), I’ve logged over 30,000 miles running and 100,000 biking, completed six Ironman triathlons, 15 ultra-marathons, and 34 marathons, and most recently, I completed a “6-Continent Challenge” (a marathon a day, for 6 days on 6 continents).
The reason I’m sharing this with you is not to brag, but to let you know that if an Ordinary Joe like me can have a life of passion, excitement, and wonder, then so can you.

Q & A with the author

Joe Gagnon, author of: Living The High Performance Life, sits down for an interview to discuss what this book is all about and how you can live to your full potential.
(Hint: No special skills required) (Warning: It will change your life. )